Thursday, 17 May 2012

Mauritius is a fast developing country. People are always rushing. Most of them are not so concern about their eating habit. People are more prone to pre-cooked food or even fast food..!!!
We have so many fast fast outlet working so well..!!!!

Some examples:
KFC ( Kentucky Fried Chicken)

It has around 500 employers and have an estimated of 10,000 customer daily from its 18 outlets. These statistics definitely shows how the Mauritian people are fond of these fast food

KFC is known all around Mauritius. Compare to other fast outlet KFC is more famous.
It is easily available and not so expensive.

"Finger Lickin' Good" is KFC motto. Well it is..!!!! :P


Pizza Hut also is keeping the trend as KFC. In Mauritius almost all cities have a Pizza Hut Outlet. It has an average of  7,000 customers per day.
[ still need to work so as to gain the same fame of kfc]

Mauritius is innovating at a high speed in the fast food business.In every cities or even some developing villages we surely find food courts with numerous fast food shops.


Bagatelle Mall situating  near Port Louis consist of almost 130 shops. Its restaurants, café  and coffee shops serve a large variety of pure delicacies.

Caudan Water Front:

Caudan Waterfront open its door in 1996 offering to the public a wide complex having numerous shops and a large food court. You can get any thing you want to eat there from the traditional chicken kebab from Tropic to the classy Tikka masala from Namasté..!!!

These was only some examples but you can find numerous food complex as these all around the island. Surely heaven for food lovers..!!!!


Sunday, 13 May 2012


Dholl puri ,  roti , chips , mine frire , burger , briani , halim , boulette , kebab , KFC. Those food forms part of the Mauritian daily life: everywhere and every time. There are numerous fast food outlets mushrooming all around the country: both in towns and villages. these fast food obviously taste good in mouth but it is definitely not good for our health.

  In Mauritius, more than 400 amputations are conducted along with 175 eye operation and around 500 heart surgery.  These statistics are definitely alarming for such a small country like Mauritius.

. The situation is already alarming and it will definitely deteriorate if no quick action is taken.

Friday, 27 April 2012

History of Mauritian Cuisine

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Mauritius is a paradise for the senses, not only for the eyes with its beautiful landscape, but also for the plate. We will find a variety of flavors coming from different migration through history . Culinary traditions from France, India, China and Africa was adopted in our Mauritian gastronomy.

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                                                   Mauritius has had strong ties with the French "savoir vivre" culture. the bouillon, tuna salad, daube and coq au vin shows the presence of the French culture in our culture.
Serving theses dishes with a good wine..!!! Yummy.!!!

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We cannot overlook the Indian culture we have in our cuisine.The Indian workers who migrated to Mauritius after the abolition of slavery has kept their own culinary tradition. Ingredients that are mostly used are: rice, whole wheat flour and a variety of pulses.Some common dishes coming from the Indian culture are: curry, chutney, rougaille and pickles.

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The use of fresh meat, fresh vegetables and sauces like soy sauce and oyster sauce represent the Chinese aspect of Mauritian cuisine.

The blend of diverse culture and religion is mostly reflected in our dishes. We can say Mauritius cuisine is a medley of flavors. It is more like a combination of different cuisine.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Eating... Eating... eating... People say they eat to live but for me its I LIVE TO EAT..!!!!  that’s my passion..!!!! (Sounds weird)

I have always been fascinated by everything we can eat. Tasting a new flavour is like a new adventure for me.

In my blog, I’ll make you travel the world of typical Mauritian cuisine.

                                 Hope you guys will enjoy this journey..

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