Friday, 27 April 2012

History of Mauritian Cuisine

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Mauritius is a paradise for the senses, not only for the eyes with its beautiful landscape, but also for the plate. We will find a variety of flavors coming from different migration through history . Culinary traditions from France, India, China and Africa was adopted in our Mauritian gastronomy.

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                                                   Mauritius has had strong ties with the French "savoir vivre" culture. the bouillon, tuna salad, daube and coq au vin shows the presence of the French culture in our culture.
Serving theses dishes with a good wine..!!! Yummy.!!!

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We cannot overlook the Indian culture we have in our cuisine.The Indian workers who migrated to Mauritius after the abolition of slavery has kept their own culinary tradition. Ingredients that are mostly used are: rice, whole wheat flour and a variety of pulses.Some common dishes coming from the Indian culture are: curry, chutney, rougaille and pickles.

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The use of fresh meat, fresh vegetables and sauces like soy sauce and oyster sauce represent the Chinese aspect of Mauritian cuisine.

The blend of diverse culture and religion is mostly reflected in our dishes. We can say Mauritius cuisine is a medley of flavors. It is more like a combination of different cuisine.


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