Sunday, 13 May 2012


Dholl puri ,  roti , chips , mine frire , burger , briani , halim , boulette , kebab , KFC. Those food forms part of the Mauritian daily life: everywhere and every time. There are numerous fast food outlets mushrooming all around the country: both in towns and villages. these fast food obviously taste good in mouth but it is definitely not good for our health.

  In Mauritius, more than 400 amputations are conducted along with 175 eye operation and around 500 heart surgery.  These statistics are definitely alarming for such a small country like Mauritius.

. The situation is already alarming and it will definitely deteriorate if no quick action is taken.


  1. nice article out there!!! wow good job miss :)

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  3. All those fast food that you mentioned tast so good.
    Why why why are they so bad for our health.
    Fortunately I do not consume them daily.

    Keep it up with your good advices

  4. YOU are right.. even though i'm skinny and I do not need to watch my weight, i do believe we should all eat healthily, we cannot do it 100% because of our busy schedules but trying as much as we can will greatly help :)

  5. Great article dear. Good job! (: